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Workplace Justice

May 3, 2021

As workers struggle to combine work and families, discrimination based on their caregiver status becomes an added burden.

Although caregiver discrimination is particularly damaging to women because of gendered norms and expectations, men are equally affected as well.

Were you ever discriminated against, because you have to care for your special needs child, your parent, or you're pregnant?

If you have a job and family caregiving responsibilities, you are vulnerable.

Learn more about gender stereotyping and caregiver discrimination from Atty. Rebecca G. Pontikes, an expert in gender and family responsibility (caregiver) discrimination.

In this episode, you will learn:

01:19 - What is caregiver discrimination or family responsibilities discrimination

10:18 - Disparate impact cases that affected caregivers or a particular gender

13:01 - Are caregivers entitled to accommodations in the workplace as a caregiver?

16:05 - Different types of stereotypes that people experience within the workplace

18:16 - What is second supervisor syndrome?

20:28 - Destructive stereotypes on female caregivers and motherhood

23:05 - Industries where stereotyping and discrimination are more prevalent

24:32 - The impact of Bostock case on future discrimination cases

28:24 - What is gender stereotyping

31:03 - Women stereotypes  in the workplace

35:05 - Do courts require plaintiffs to have a comparator in the workplace?

36:29 - The emotional and psychological impact of gender stereotyping and caregiver discrimination on employees

44:24 - What employers can do to prevent and address gender stereotyping and caregiver discrimination in the workplace

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