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Workplace Justice

Dec 27, 2022

There's enough evidence that the business case for DEI is robust and there's an overwhelmingly positive result for companies and employees.

Surely, there are a few organizations that are nailing it, but in most cases, DEI efforts across the board are spotty, reactive, and episodic, lack strategic follow-through and accountability, and sometimes have completely ineffective results.

What can be done to stop the lip service and reverse the tide of apathy, dysfunction, and inaction? 

In this podcast episode, Farzin is sharing:

  • Are white men the solution to DEI problems within organizational systems?
  • Communal power of leadership vs. individualistic type of leadership - which is the better option?
  • The impact of existing leadership structures on DEI programs and efforts in the workplace 
  • The most difficult part of implementing a DEI program
  • Are the DEI efforts conducted by employers really empowered enough to be able to make a change within the workplace environment?
  • What is Critical Equity Consulting and how it helps different organizations achieve their DEI goals
  • What are the top three diversity issues you've seen in the workplace and why do you think companies struggle to address these issues?


Farzin Farzad is the founder of Critical Equity Consulting, LLC, a boutique Organizational Justice consulting firm focused on helping organizations rebuild with a primary focus on creating equitable outcomes.

Farzin is an Organizational Justice practitioner with experience in higher education, local government, and the private sector. Holding two master’s degrees in international affairs and diplomacy as well as a certificate in conflict resolution skills, Farzin leverages his unique academic background, extensive travel experience, and experiential knowledge to provide comprehensive, thought-provoking local and global approaches to his work.


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