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Workplace Justice

Mar 8, 2021

Every one of us, ages.

When it comes to aging, no one is exempted. And when you are an employee, you are not immune to age biases in the workplace.

Misperceptions and outdated assumptions about older workers’ skills and proficiency are hurting more and more employees as the number of older workers grows.

Age discrimination is unacceptable, and you can help make it stop.

In this episode, we talked to Sheila Callaham, Executive Director and Board Chair of Age Equity Alliance, about the underlying motivation of age discrimination in the workplace, how it impacts older workers, and what you need to do when you fall victim to such bias.

Sheila is longtime communication and global inclusion and diversity subject matter expert with more than 30 years of experience across private and public sectors in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. She believes employers who proactively build diverse, multigenerational teams are not only the most inclusive, but they are also in the best position to succeed. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

00:41 - What is Age Equity Alliance?

01:21 - What does Age Equity Alliance do to address age-related issues in the workplace and other institutions?

05:06 - The underlying reason for company’s biases in age inclusion and its impact on older workers

13:01 - Does the concept of retirement foster discrimination against older employees?

16:04 - The emotional and psychological impact of age discrimination for older employees

22:34 - Worst offenders of age discrimination in the work industry

23:48 - Where does discriminatory attitude against age is born?

26:12 - What HR Departments or management need to do to alleviate age discrimination

27:58 - How the world views aging and age discrimination

30:26 - Is the labor force exploiting employees? And how does it impact older workers?

35:31 - What you need to do when you experience age discrimination in the workplace

38:10 - How to file a complaint or report age discrimination in the workplace

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