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Workplace Justice

Mar 8, 2022

Note: We want to inform you in advance that some parts have poor audio quality. 

In light of #MeToo, it has come to our knowledge that the issue of sexual harassment is very rampant in the workplace and in any industry. And it still is, to this day. 

This special episode with Shelley Ross is our backstage ticket to see what it was like to work in a highly competitive environment where predators and enablers thrive for decades. 

Shelley Ross is a three-time award-winning journalist, author, a former Executive Producer at ABC News and CBS News, and a former Producer at NBC News. She’s now the President of The Cure Alliance, a nonprofit healthcare organization. 

Shelley is a 40-year advocate for equality and anti-sexual harassment in the workplace. 

In today’s podcast, Shelley shares: 

  • Her role in The Cure Alliance and its astonishing work in ​​developing cures for chronic, debilitating, and fatal diseases including Covid-19
  • Her first encounter with sexual harassment working at NBC
  • The ugly truth why sexual harassment exists in every industry
  • What’s the immediate important measure to address sexual harassment in the workplace 
  • The role of enablers in the prevalence of sexual harassment
  • How diversity and equality can help curb sexual harassment issues in the workplace

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