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Workplace Justice

Nov 17, 2021

Muslim employees are highly visible targets of discrimination. 

They continue to endure the issues and problems in the workplace that their religion, race, and national origin seem to generate which is fueled by sensational media attention on issues on terrorism.

The Muslim American community is a diverse community. A community that’s packed with talent, intelligence, and character that is valuable for any business but sadly, one of the most vulnerable to workplace injustices.

In line with its mission, CAIR New York interviewed Atty. Mahir Nisar about labor issues and labor rights impacting the American Muslim community. 

The community needs to have sufficient tools, knowledge, and information to ensure all laborers practice their rights not only as an employee but also as an individual.

What You Will Learn From This Episode:

00:46 - A Glimpse of Mahir’s Work as an Employment Attorney and a Board Certified Coach

02:50 - The Unfair Reality that the Muslim Community Faces

04:58 - The Biggest Employment Issues Laborers Face, What to Do About It, and How to Get Yourself Protected

10:55 - How Tech Can Help You Fight for Your Right and Speak Your Truth

13:14 - Learn to Exercise Your Rights in Seeking Accommodation

17:28 - How to Deal with Current Employment Issues Impacting Laborers

20:04 - What You Can Do to Advocate for Others and Help Stop the Injustices

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