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Workplace Justice

Jun 28, 2022

For decades, women generally kept quiet about sexual harassment in the workplace.  

But since the inception of the #MeToo movement, women have been encouraged to speak up. The movement emboldened a lot of women to use their voices which led to more stories to this day.  

Our special guest, Lisa Bowman, a workplace sexual harassment survivor, recalls her own experience with her “harasshole”. 

In today’s episode, Lisa is sharing: 

  • What led her to write the book, Harasshole 
  • Why it’s hard to speak up against sexual harassment 
  • The fear of speaking up and what causes them 
  • What it’s like speaking up for the first time 
  • The details of her experience with her harasshole 
  • What is a harasshole? 
  • How to deal with your harasshole in the workplace and the two important things you need to do 
  • The things you shouldn’t do when it comes to HR and the  systems the company put in place 
  • Why sexual harassment is primarily about power 
  • How her book can help you 

Lisa is the former global Chief Marketing Officer of United Way Worldwide. She was terminated from her role in January of 2020 in retaliation for reporting sexual harassment of herself and others by a peer on the Executive Team. 

As a female leader, Lisa felt that to stay silent was to be complicit in condoning this and providing a path forward for this behavior to continue. She went public with her story via HuffPost in November of 2020 fueling significant media coverage that subsequently led to the resignation of United Way’s long-standing CEO on February 9, 2021. 

Lisa authored the book, Harasshole: A Cautionary Tale of My Time at “America’s Favorite Charity” where she narrates her allegations of harassment and retaliation that eventually resulted in her termination.  

Lisa has become one of the latest public faces of #MeToo.  

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