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Workplace Justice

May 17, 2021

Women’s labor force participation has grown significantly over the last few decades, working longer hours and pursuing higher education in greater numbers. 

But despite this progress, the impacts of gender injustice persists. 

Today’s realities have helped fuel vibrant new leaders and movements forging powerful alliances. 

We talked to the Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates, Atty. Noreen Farrell, about the various topics surrounding gender justice. 

We covered topics such as gender wage gap, sex discrimination and sexual harassment, sexual violence in education and accommodations for pregnant workers. 

In this episode, find out about:

01:35 - What is Equal Rights Advocates? 

02:58 - Gender wage gap and Equal Payday 

06:08 - The root cause why women are paid much less 

07:20 - The history of gender wage gap in America and what employers can do to close it 

11:52 - This is why we need more laws 

14:49 - Sexual harassment: How do we make it stop? 

19:10 - Changing the laws vs changing company policies to eliminate discrimination, sexual harassment, and pay wage gaps 

21:19 - Speaking Up: How your story can change the face of American workplaces 

25:41 - Other forms of sex discrimination 

27:10 - The Bostock Decision 

28:34 - Title IX: Your protection within universities and school institutions from sex-based discrimination 

32:38 - Where to find help 

33:51 - Pregnant Workers Fairness Act 

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