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Workplace Justice

Mar 22, 2022

The challenges we face in and out of the workplace - racial inequalities, racial biases, discrimination, etc. - all come down to one thing, known as bias. 

In this week’s episode, we are going to talk about bias and we are joined by Anu Gupta, a scientist, educator, lawyer, and the Founder and CEO of BE MORE with Anu, an Edtech company that trains people in breaking bias to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging (DEIB), and justice in workplaces and communities. 

As a DEI practitioner, Anu discussed what is bias, where it comes from, his experience in tackling it, and the effective tools that he uses to help companies and organizations break the bias. 

Anu also shared:

  • His first experience with bias and what led him to founding Be More with Anu 
  • The effects of media-generated stereotypes and misinformation
  • What is Breaking Racial Bias and how it can help your DEI goals
  • The four components of systemic racism
  • (DEIB) Why belonging is essential and the ultimate outcome of DEI
  • How to identify biases in the workplace
  • Using the PRISM tools in addressing workplace bias
  • Seeking accountability and the reasons why companies and perpetrators are resistant to being held accountable 

Anu Gupta is a sought-after expert in breaking bias, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and compassion. He has brought BE MORE’s approach to over 300 companies reaching over 50,000 professionals. He has spoken about this work at TED, SXSW, and the Oprah Conversation. 


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Resources and Links Mentioned: 

  • [Article] Updated study outlines potential gains to U.S. economy and a pathway for economic growth (2018) by Kellogg Foundation -
  • [Article] Hundreds of Google Employees Unionize, Culminating Years of Activism -
  • EP16 How Implicit Biases Undermines DEI Training and Initiatives in the Workplace with Prof. Joan C. Williams -  

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